Welding Robot Leading Technology

Integrated welding system structural design, nice appearance, and high-quality servo motor and cycloidal gear reducer ensure a long lifetime.

High Stiffness Configuration Technology

The welding robot arm body with a payload 10 kg use 4 cycloidal gears (50C, 40E, 20E, 10C from 1st axis to 4 axis), 2 harmonic reducers for 5th and 6th axles (SHG20, SHG25), and all 6 reduction gears are designed with high rigidity and custom design.

Low Noise Technology

Using the world’s leading input shaft refining technology, the noise of the cycloidal gear is lower than that of the imported ones, thus obtaining the quietness effect of the robot.

Cycloidal Gear and Motor Integrated Technology

Cycloid gear and servo motor share the same axis, reduce assembly error, improve joint accuracy and extend working life.

Welding System Built-in Technology

The robotic welding hardware system (wire spool, wire feeder, anti-collision, welding torch and cables) integrated and build-in the robot body to obtain compact structure.

Metal Color Green Technology

The first cast aluminum robot, no paint, and anti-oxidation all the year-round, it’s innovative in green manufacturing.

Perfect Welding Technology

Provide technical support for various complex welding processes with long-term accumulated welding experience.

We Professionally Manufacture Welding Robot And ITS Core Parts Gearbox.

Our welding robot manufacturing begins with the development and production of its core components cycloidal gearbox reducer. With 4 years of R&D and 9 years of production experience, made our cycloidal gears become the leading brand in China, had provided a strong foundation for industrial robots.

High Precision RV Gear Reducers

We offer a more quieter cycloidal RV gear reducer, ZKRV-40E, 2000r/min: < 65dB


Adopted world-class equipment to produce and process

We deeply know that good production equipment is the guarantee of quality.

All we adopted production equipments are world’s leading brand and we create ourselves.

This is our mission to guarantee the high quality of cycloid gear,which it’s core part of industrial robots.


A strict production environment, automated manufacturing, and world-class testing equipment all are guarantee quality.

Constant Temperature & Humidity Workshop

Full intelligent automatic production of cycloidal gear RV reducer in a constant temperature and humidity workshop.

Advanced Calibration Equipment

High precision laser tracking instrument FARO from USA to test robots’ repeatability, ensure accurate accuracy.

Famous Testing Instrument

Reliable, high-quality measuring technology, coordinate measuring machine ZEISS from Germany.

Who We Are

Genius Robotics is the overseas sales branch of Nantong Zhenkang Machinery & Nantong Zhenkang Welding Electromachinery Co.,Ltd, we manufacture welding robots and their core part cycloidal RV gear reducer, provide robotic welding system integration solutions and related equipment.
First of all, we are a welding expert with more than 20 years of experience, then we are a manufacturer of arc welding robot, the development of arc welding robot is based on years of accumulated welding experience and our own great products wire feeder and RV gear reducer.

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Why Choose Genius Robotics Zhenkang Welding Robot?


Our company target is self-improvement, innovation, realistic and forge ahead.

CO2 Welding Wire Feeder Technology Research Center

Innovative Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Famous Trademark

Key project enterprise of a strong industrial province

The first set of major equipment and key components in Jiangsu


A strict production environment, automated manufacturing, and world-class testing equipment all are guarantee quality.


For the core part of industrial robots – High precision reduction gearbox, we not only used in our own robots but supply it to world-famous companies ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA, OTC.