In 1993

Zhenkang Technology established, Chairman Mr.Tangzi Kang, Developed successfully the first wire feeder.

In 1997

Developed successfully printing motor lift-time exceeded international standards.

In 2001

Developed successfully the first submerged arc welding trolley.

In 2006

The sole drafting unit of national standards for welding wire feeder.

In 2009

Entered into industrial robot industry, started R&D RV gear reducer.

In 2011

Became Vice Chairman of the electric welding and micromotor branch.

In 2013

RV reduction gears were put on the market in batches.

In 2015

Printing motor, wire feeder and submerged arc welding trolly were No.1 in market share worldwide.

In 2016

Developed successfully the first harmonic drive and arc welding robot.

In Aug 2017

New factory founded.

In 21st Century

The world’s first RV reduction gears unmanned factory is about to be born.