excavator bucket welding robot FANUC workstation robot

Excavator Bucket Welding Robot Workstation Solution

If your factory manufacture excavator buckets, do you want to use welding robots to do excavator bucket welding to save cost? In that case, no need to manage so many welders, and the welding robot can work 24 hours for you, improve the production efficiency of the excavator bucket welding, let you deliver orders on…

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welding robot for metal construction and steel products

How robotic welding applied in metal construction?

Today, some steel and construction industries and manufacturers use robotic welding arm, it could improve quality of finished welds and less worker error, besides, welding robot arm could improve the accuracy and reliability, as well as increased repeatability, which speeds up the process, saving the manufacturers time and money. In the field of middle and…

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steel column weld by welding robot arm

Steel Column Support Welding

Many steel companies usually weld the steel column support by arc welding robots. Workpieces like this are thick plates, the material is stainless steel, big welding current 300mA. We have a special arc welding robot with a water-cooled welding gun, 500A welding power souce. Build in water circle system, protect the welding torch to keep…

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Aluminum truss weld by welding robot arm

Aluminum Truss Welding

We received many inquiries about aluminum trusses welding by arc welding robot, the trusses composed of aluminum pipes, can be used for rental. For the welding process, some customers prefer tig welding, some prefer mig welding, we know the speed of mig welding is faster than tig, but tig welding quality is better than mig.…

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Electric control cabinet weld by welding robot arm

Electric Cabinet Welding

Electrical cabinets, also called electric enclosures and electricity meter boxes, nowadays it usually welded by arc welding robot as automation development. Electrical cabinets material is stainless steel, thickness is about 1.2mm -2mm, mostly use tig welding, our tig welding robot equip with DC TIG welding power source is very suitable for electric cabinet welding. Electrical…

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