cycloidal gearbox reducer RV-100c


The high-precision cycloid RV-100C gear reducer is a new two-stage reduction transmission device, which is composed of a planetary gear reducer’s front stage and a cycloid pinwheel reducer’s rear stage to form a closed planetary transmission. Cycloidal gearbox RV-100c has the advantages of strong ability, large transmission ratio, high motion accuracy, smooth transmission, etc.

Common applications include manipulators, positioners, precision machine tools, assembly devices, handling devices, and other fields.

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RV-100C Technical Parameters



RV-100C Working Parameter


Output Rotational speed




15 25


Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity


kW Nm kW Nm kW Nm




0.95 1000 2.00 834 3.00 765


Note: The rated torque is the output torque when the output speed is at 15r/min.



RV-100C Performance Parameter


Model Speed Ratio

Allowable output speed

Maximum backlash Allowable acceleration/deceleration torque Momentary max allowable torque Allowable moment Momentary max allowable movement Weight Efficiency Noise


arc.min Nm Nm Nm Nm kg %


100C 36.75 40 1 2500 5000 2500 5000 19.5 >80





RV-100C Installation Drawing

Gearbox RV-100C installation drawing

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