cycloidal gearbox rv reducer hollow shaft RV-10c


The compact cycloidal pinwheel hollow RV reducer RV-10C allows the wires to pass through the middle.

It is small in size, high in accuracy, large in load and torque, and high in transmission ratio. It can be used for welding rotary tables, industrial robots, and medical equipment, precision CNC machining tool.

The precision cycloid gear reducer RV-10C is also called the cycloidal pinwheel RV reducer RV-10C. Compared with the harmonic reducer, the precision cycloid RV gear reducer has a longer service life and reliability.

If you need to buy a precision cycloid RV gear reducer, our technicians can help select the model.


RV-10C Technical Parameters



RV-10C Working Parameter


 Output Rotational speed



5 15 25 35

Output Torque

Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque

Input Capacity


kW Nm kW Nm kW Nm kW


136 0.09 98 0.21 84 0.29 76


Note: The rated torque is the output torque when the output speed is at 15r/min.



RV-10C Performance Parameter



Speed ratio of the speed reducer

Allowable output speed Maximum backlash Allowable acceleration/deceleration torque Momentary max allowable torque Allowable moment Momentary max allowable movement  






r/min arc.min Nm Nm Nm Nm kg % dB


27 80 1 245 490 680 1300 4.6 >80




RV-10C Installation Parameter


Inner hexagon bolt

Nominal dimension x pitch(mm)

Fastening Torque(Nm) Fastening Force(N) Bolt Requirement
M8 ×1.25 37.2±1.86 23960 GB/T 70.1-2000

Intensity class:12.9

Thread requirement:GB/T 1167-1996

RV-10C Installation Drawing

gearbox rv-10c-27 installation drawing
gearbox rv-10c installation drawing

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