cycloidal gearbox rv reducer-RV-27c


The hollow structure RV-27C cycloid gear reducer has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, low noise, compact structure, lightweight, small size, good reliability and stability, long life, and large reduction ratio range.

Lightweight and compact design, greatly reduced in size compared to traditional planetary reducers and can save installation space.

Genius Robotics Zhenkang is the largest professional manufacturer of precision cycloid RV gear reducers in China. The size, accuracy, speed ratio, and noise of the precision cycloid RV gear reducer produced are the same as those of Nabtesco in Japan.


RV-27C Technical Parameters



RV-27C Working Parameter


Output Rotational speed





15 25


Output Torque

Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque

Input Capacity


kW Nm kW Nm kW Nm kW


360 0.26 270 0.54 224 0.80 204


Note: The rated torque is the output torque when the output speed is at 15r/min.



RV-27C Performance Parameter


Model Speed ratio of the speed reducer Allowable output speed

Maximum Backlash

Allowable acceleration/deceleration torque Momentary max allowable torque Allowable moment Momentary max allowable movement Weight Efficiency Noise
r/min arc.min Nm Nm Nm Nm kg % dB
27C 36.57 60 1 675 1350 945 1890 8.5 >80




RV-27C Installation Parameter


Inner hexagon bolt

Nominal dimension x pitch(mm)

Fastening Torque(Nm)) Fastening Force(N) Bolt Requirement

M8 ×1.25

37.2±1.86 23960 GB/T 70.1-2000

Intensity class:12.9

Thread requirement:GB/T 1167-1996

M6 ×1.0



RV-27C Installation Drawing

gearbox rv-27c installation drawing

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