hollow shaft cycloidal gear reducer rv-320ca


The precision cycloidal pinwheel RV-320CA gear reducer is also a cycloidal pinwheel planetary reducer, usually a 2-stage reduction mechanism, with high transmission rigidity, large transmission ratio, stable transmission, small inertia, large output torque, small size, strong impact resistance features.

It is commonly used in industrial robots, CNC machining machines, medical equipment, welding positioners, AGV trolleys, solar and wind energy, and other fields that require high-precision positioning.

Nabtesco of Japan is the world’s largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal pinwheel RV gear reducers, but at present, with China’s technical level, it can also produce RV-320CA of the same quality and accuracy at half the price of the Japanese brand. Genius Robotics Zhenkang is this such a company.


RV-320CA Technical Parameters



RV-320CA Working Parameter


Output Rotational speed




15 25


Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity Output Torque Input Capacity


kW Nm kW Nm kW Nm


320CA     4375 4 3200 6.47 2674 9.55

Note: The rated torque is the output torque when the output speed is at 15r/min.



RV-320CA Performance Parameter


Model Speed Ratio

Allowable output speed

Maximum backlash Allowable acceleration/deceleration torque Momentary max allowable torque Allowable moment Momentary max allowable movement Weight Efficiency Noise


arc.min Nm Nm Nm Nm kg %


320CA 35.61 25 1 8000 16000 20000 40000 80 >80





RV-320CA Installation Drawing

RV-320CA installation drawing

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