The largest cycloidal gearbox manufacturers in China

Genius Zhenkang is the largest manufacturer of cycloidal gearbox in China, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 pcs, rank second in the international market share, and take 40% of market share in China.

We manufacture full models of cycloidal gearbox same as Nabtesco, have solid shaft RV-E series RV-4E, RV-6E, RV-20E, RV-40E, RV-80E, RV-110E, RV-160E, RV-320E, RV-450E.

Hollow shaft RV-C series RV-10C, RV-27C, RV-50C, RV-100C, RV-120C, RV-160C, RV-320C.

All these models could be made with cover and grease inside, directly connect with your servo motor, very convenient to install.

cycloidal gearbox RV reducer RV-40E

Solid Cycloidal Gearbox Component RV-40E

Speed Ratio: 81,105,121,153

Input Power: 0.4kW

Output (Rated) Torque: 400Nm

cycloidal gearbox rv reducer hollow shaft RV-10c

Hollow Cycloidal Gearbox Component RV-320C

Speed Ratio: 35.61

Input Power: 6.47 kW

Output (Rated) Torque: 3200Nm

cycloidal gearbox RV reducer RV-80e

Solid Cycloidal Gearbox Component RV-80E

Speed Ratio: 81,101,121,153

Input Power: 1.57kW

Output (Rated) Torque: 800Nm

cycloidal gearbox RV reducer RD-40E

Quick Mounting Cycloidal Gearbox RD-40E

Speed Ratio: 81,105,121,153

Input Power: 0.4kW

Output (Rated) Torque: 400Nm

cycloidal gearbox rv reducer hollow shaft rv-c

Hollow Cycloidal Gearbox Component RV-100C

Speed Ratio: 36.75

Input Power: 2.0 kW

Output (Rated) Torque: 1000Nm

cycloidal gearbox RV reducer

Quick Mounting Cycloidal Gearbox RD-50C

Speed Ratio: 32.54

Input Power: 1kW

Output (Rated) Torque: 500Nm

Genius Zhenkang: Your Reliable Cycloidal Gearbox Supplier in China


Genius Zhenkang produced cycloidal gearbox have features of high precision, long service lifespan, no noise and no oil leak, if your company manufacture industrial robots, robotic welding positioner, 4 or 5-axis CNC milling machine, medical CT beds and solar tracking device and wind energy, etc, we are your best choice to manufacture your cycloidal gearbox.

Compared with the planetary gearbox, the cycloidal gearbox has higher precision, compared with the harmonic driver, the cycloidal gearbox has higher torque.

Send us your project’s needs, we will give you the best cycloidal gearbox solution based on your detailed requirement.

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Cycloidal gearbox manufacturer

No doubt Nabtesco Japan is the largest precision cycloidal gearbox in the world, but have you thought except Nabtesco in Japan, is there any other brand of cycloidal gearbox manufacturer can replace them, or like them have high quality, but with the best price.

The answer is yes!

Genius Zhenkang is the biggest precision cycloidal gearbox manufacturer in China, founded in 1993.

In 2009, The company have a deep understanding of the pain point of the industry, make rapid improvement, and strive to push forward the steady process of the global automation industry, keenly aware of the huge potential of the robot market in the future, and has focused on choosing the core component of the development robot-cycloidal gearbox RV reducer.

After 4 years of developments, in 2013, precision cycloidal gearboxes have been mass-manufactured and put on the market, nowadays trusted by world-renowned companies FANUC, YASKAWA, KAWASAKI, OTC DAIHEN, SIMENS, FOXCONN, etc.

cycloidal gearbox customers

With a staff of 324 including 84 technicians and 36 masters and doctors.

The total of the fixed assets including precision machinery amounting to 46 Million US Dollars.

The turnover in 2019 reached 57 Million US Dollars with accumulated R&D investment exceeding 3.4 Million US Dollars.

cycloidal gearbox famous trade mark

China Famous Trademark

Innovative enterprise-Genius

Innovative Enterprises

Cycloidal gearbox for sale

Cycloidal gears are an excellent choice for those applications that require high gear ratios, good wear resistance, and low friction. They are typically used for applications where the gear ratio requirement is over 100:1. You can use the cycloidal gearbox for motion control in industrial automation applications across various disciplines and power transmission. Some popular applications include industrial robots, CNC precision machining, and welding positioning.

The gearbox is produced by Genius Zhenkang, an industrial manufacturer with a focus on high-quality hardware for use across various sectors of the economy. It has been producing high-quality parts for the last decade.

Features of Cycloidal Gearbox

  • High Precision

High precision gears can perform consistently over time without fail. The gears also produce the desired value every time you use the gearbox for your applications. Consistency is vital in ensuring that you get the same quality performance repeatedly.

  • Compact Size

Our gearboxes are compact. You do not need to modify your hardware to use our gearboxes, especially in robotics, where a little size deviation may be too expensive to adjust.

  • High Torque

Our gearboxes can maintain high torque in rotational machines such as robotic arms and mechanized systems. Therefore, in equipment where slowing down is likely to cause downtime or disruption of the process.

  • Long-lasting

Our gears are famed for their resistance to wear. They are also easy to lubricate, further enhancing their longevity. You can use the gears for a long period in highly demanding applications or applications where the environment may affect the performance of the gears.

Get quality, high-precision gearboxes for your industrial applications. We guarantee that they will perform as explained and help you deliver on your production goals.

Cycloidal gearbox design & working principle

  • The rotation of the servo motor is transmitted from the input gear to the spur gear, and it is decelerated according to the gear ratio of the input gear and the spur gear.
  • The crankshaft is directly connected with the spur gear and rotates at the same speed as the spur gear.
  • At the eccentric part of the crankshaft, there are two RV gears installed through needle bearings (two RV gears are installed to balance the force).
  • If the crankshaft rotates, the RV gear mounted on the eccentric part also performs eccentric movement (crankshaft movement).
  • On the other hand, the needle tooth groove on the inner side of the housing is provided with needle teeth arranged at equal distances, the number of which is one more than that of the RV gear.
  • If the crankshaft rotates one turn, the RV gear makes one turn of eccentric movement (crankshaft movement) while contacting the pin teeth. As a result, the RV gear rotates by a distance of 1 tooth in the direction opposite to the rotation direction of the crankshaft.
  • This rotation is transmitted to the shaft (output shaft) through the crankshaft, and the reduction is obtained. The reduction ratio is the number of needle teeth.
  • The final reduction ratio is the product of the reduction ratio of the first deceleration and the reduction ratio of the second deceleration.

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