RV Reduction Gearbox Working Principle

RV transmission is a new type of transmission developed on the basis of cycloid pinwheel transmission.

The RV reducer is composed of an involute cylindrical gear planetary reduction mechanism and a cycloid pinwheel planetary reduction mechanism.

The involute planetary gear is connected to the crankshaft as a whole, as the input of the cycloid pin wheel transmission part.
The crankshaft drives the cycloid to make an eccentric movement.
The crankshaft rotates one turn clockwise, and the cycloid will move one tooth in the counterclockwise direction.

The core components of the RV reducer are the needle gear housing, the crankshaft, and the cycloid wheel.

Features of RV reduction gearbox

* Backlash is less than 1 arc minute       * Strong impact resistance
* High torsional stiffness                         * Large transmission ratio range
* High transmission efficiency                 * Long working life


* Industrial robots                                    * Rotary table

* Precision machine tool CNC                * Radar

* Medical equipment                               * AGV

Cycloidal reduction gearbox structure principle

  • Input Shaft / Planetary Gear

Form the 1st stage planetary gear reduction, realizing different gear reduction ratio through the changing of the gears.

  • Pin Shell / Pin / Cycloid Gear

Form the 2nd stage gear reduction, achieving high rigidity and high accuracy through the cycloid meshing rate higher than 80% and the nearly 0 backlash quality fit.

  • Crank Shaft / Output Shaft

Realizing the transmission and output of the torque by connection the 1st and 2nd stage gear reduction mechanism.

  • Support Bearing

Provides extremely high bending moments and load bearing capacity.