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Special Design For Arc Welding Robot

In 2016, we successfully developed the arc welding robot, features as below:

1. Integrated welding system design

Interated wire feeder, wire spool and welding torch with robot body, easy installation,

2. Compact structure

Enclosed cables to prevent snagging during robot operations.

3. Various welding applications

Supports various welding applications such as CO2/MAG, MIG, TIG and laser welding.

4. High configuration high accuracy

High payload 10kg, enough load capacity to easily handle a laser tracking sensor, high accuracy and repeatability ±0.03mm.

What difference between our automated Robotic Welding Machine with other China suppliers’ ?

Our arc welding robot have more higher configuration compared with other China welding robots, just below higher configuration ensure the welding robot have higher precision and longer lifetime.

1. Number of RV reduction gears

For example, other China welding robots consists of 3pcs RV reduction gears and 3pcs of harmonic reducers, while our welding robot consists of 4pcs RV reduction gears and 2pcs of harmonic reducers, therefore ours have more stronger rigidity.

2. Model of RV reducton gear

We use RV reduction gear RV-50C in the bottom of robot, while other China welding robots use RV-40E, ours’ carrying capacity, torque and speed ratio all are more bigger, equivalently 20KG configuration, in that case ensure the welding robot more stable, no vibration during welding, thereby ensuring high welding accuracy and tracking accuracy.

3. The rigidity and torque of harmonic drivers

We use double steel wheels harmonic drivers for the 5th axis and 6th axis of robot also for the purpose of higher rigid and greater torque while other China welding robots use single steel wheel harmonic drivers.

From above, this is a high rigidity, high torque, high precision and long lifetime arc welding robot.

automated robotic welding machine welding torch with anti-collision
automated robotic welding machine wire feeder
automated robotic welding machine spare parts

Standard Accessories of Automated Robotic Welding Machine

1. Welding power source, cable
2. Wire feeder
3. Welding torch (Air-cooled / water-cooled)
4. Control system (English)
5. Torch anti-collision device
6. Arc seam tracking system
7. Remote control box


Optional Accessories of Automated Robotic Welding Machine

1. Torch cleaning device
2. Triangulation line laser system for seam finding and scanning
3. Welding positioner

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