Marvie 6 Intelligent Drive with Teach Pendant

The world’s leading drive and control integrated technology, greatly reduce the volume of control cabinet, ultra-small size, super performance and can achieve various precision indicators.

Any part of the robot can be controlled, stop when touched, effectively improving the safety of the robot.

The keys on the control pendant are well designed that can help users to give different commands to the robot. The cable between the control pendant and control box can reach 100 meters with anti-interference.

Marvie 6 DOF robot controller integrates industrial robotic control system development platform, motion controller and 6-axis servo drive into one. It is compact, yet possesses high power density and integration level.

It greatly simplifies the electric design and enhances performance and reliability of the equipment.

It is suitable for many industrial applications such as arc welding, transportation, loading and unloading of material for robotic arm up to 20kg payload.

The ergonomic control pendant equips with ESD class 4 and EFT class 2 standard which is suitable for using in harsh environment.

Connect robot controller with eHMI bus, support distance no less than 100 meter

With dead-man switch design

7” LCD monitor, 800*480 resolution

51 function keys

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