Laser welding robot

Laser Welding Advantages

1. The diameter of the solder joint is small, and the heat affected area is small, which will not cause deformation of precision products.
2. Can weld small and fine areas, suitable for all sizes of processed parts. After welding, the workpiece does not change color, no pores and trachoma.
3. High efficiency: more than 4 times of the TIG welding with low energy consumption.
4. Can directly carry out grinding, polishing and EDM treatment without the influence of substrate structure deformation.
5. Excellent beam quality, precision and high efficiency. Fast processing speed, high processing precision, environmentally friendly and no consumables.

1. Bulk complex parts, such as automotive parts, air-conditioning condensers, etc.
2. Medium and large sheet metal welding, such as kitchen and bathroom sheet metal, aluminum alloy doors and windows, outdoor railings.

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