Robotic MIG Welding

Robotic MIG welding is a common arc welding process, MIG welding robot have 2 types of configuration about welding torch.

1. MIG welding robot is with air-cooled welding torch (max welding current is 200A) and 350A welding machine (Model AMIG-350RP).
2. MIG welding robot is with water-cooled welding torch and 500A welding machine (Model AMIG-500RP).

MIG welding robot suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum& alloys, copper &alloys, non-ferrous metal.

MIG Welding Machine Specification
Welding machine AMIG-P-350 /500-RP are especially designed for MIG welding robot, it has the characteristic of CV and can realize the CO2 gas shielded welding of carbon steel, have the characteristics of pulse function and constant voltage, the digital interface is equipped with an arc tracking function, which can be used with the robot to complete the correction of the weld seam.

Excellent welding performance

1. Non-splash soldering and the welding quality is high.
2. Perfect fish scale weld and improve weld quality when welding aluminum alloy.
3. Fully digital system to achieve precise control of droplet transfer and achieve consistent and stable welding quality.
4. Double pulse technology can produce weld seam with beautiful ripple patter, avoid weld porosity defect, refine grain, and reduce crack sensitivity.
5. Embedded welding expert database, which provides intelligent welding parameters.
6. Single side weld with double-side formation technology, with precise control to welding torch by robot, and welding machine CPU+DSP full digital high precision waveform control technology, it solves formation defect problem when gap is uneven on butt joint vertical position welding, so as to form beautiful weld seam, produce almost no spatter during welding, and reduce cleaning cost.

Horizontal Fillet Welding

Vertical down welding

Vertical up welding

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