welding robot torch cleaning station

Integrated Welding Robot Torch Cleaning Station AA01

Control voltage: 24V DC

Working pressure: 6-8bar

Working voltage: 10-30V DC

Cutting time: 1S

Robot Torch Cleaning Station Features:


● Wire cutting, slag removal, and oil injection, the three stations that are independent.

● With a working table, it can be independent of a welding torch working table.

● Adopt pneumatic motor, stable rotation, convenient and timely cleaning of welding slag.

● Can be connected to any welding robot.

● The reamer can be replaced with various sizes.





Robot Torch Cleaning Station Technical Parameters

Compressed air connector Trachea inner dia. Nominal pressure Working voltage
G1/4 Least ∅6mm 6 bar 6-8 bar
Control voltage Single valve power consumption Working voltage Current consumption
24V DC 2.8W 10-30V DC About 4mA(24V)
Single continuous current Nominal speed of air motor Air consumption Oil bottle capacity
100mA(MIN) 650rpm / min About 400L/min 1L
Cutting ability under 6 bar Solid wire Cutting time
1.6mm(Max) 1s

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